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Warwick, Rhode Island --- Everyone’s Favorite Bonding Destination

Visit a place rich in American history. Warwick, RI stands tall among the other cities in Rhode Island with its wonderful characteristics. In terms of land area, Warwick ranks third largest city in the state. From the 2020 census, its total population measured up to 80,487.

Founded in 1642 by Samuel Gorton, Warwick was the site of the Gaspee Affair. When the HMS Gaspee ran aground in 1772, a group of American colonists attacked and torched the ship in protest to the Stamp Act and other British impositions on the colonists. This was one of the first acts of violent uprising against the British government in the American colonies. Today, the location where the ship went aground is named Gaspee Point and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Activities that Await You at Warwick

In the City by the Bay, there is never a dull moment; enjoy each season, including wonderful summer outings to storied seaside landscapes. Our calendar is jam-packed with events that will satisfy both the spirit and the stomach. From our four world-class golf courses to parades, art classes, and nightlife, Warwick has it all.

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Arts and Theater

Put yourself in the spotlight or be in the audience. Watch a play that showcases the talents and abilities of actors at Warwick, RI. Its charm is a blend of activities and venues through its arts and culture. Visit any of their art galleries or its famous Center for the Arts today. For fun and humor, the city also has a play entitled “Bring Your Own Improv” to make you smile.

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Farms and Gardens

Enjoy the simple life at the farm, harvesting and caring for your favorite plants. Warwick has various farms and gardens that you can visit. Get to eat farm-fresh fruits and veggies all in this area when you visit.

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Historical Sites

Go back to the past and discover more about Warwick’s history and that of America in the plenty of historical places here. Since 1642 when it was founded, the city had restored its function as an irreplaceable part of Rhode Island and its past.

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Parks and Beaches

Because Warwick was located at the top of Narragansett Bay, plenty of beaches can be found here, too. Start your exploration at Oakland Beach and the lovely Goddard State Park to get a nice view of the coast.

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Marinas and Marine Equipment

If you come to sail or deep-sea fish, Warwick has a variety of marinas with amenities such as swimming pools, on-site restaurants and shops, plenty of slips to assist boats of various sizes, and charters for those who prefer to leave the boat at home.

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