Things to Keep in Mind When Coordinating With Dumpster Services

There’s no doubt that a construction site is filled with wastes and hazards. From harmful tools to falling debris, contractors must provide the safety of both workers and homeowners. Dumpster rentals may be helpful, but not much thought is given to the dangers these containers can present. While throwing debris into an open bin may seem easy, safety is paramount to prevent risks. So, consider these tips when coordinating with your next dumpster rental. 

Select the Ideal Dumpster Size and Style

Select the Ideal Dumpster Size and Style

Before coordinating with a dumpster rental, identify the type and size for your project needs. Rear loading containers, roll-off dumpsters, top-loading dumpsters, and compactors are a few of your options. A range of dumpster sizes is available for every size project. Evaluate the dimensions of each dumpster and pick accordingly. At Dumpster Rental Providence RI, we provide open-top loading dumpster sizes in 10, 15, 20, and 30-yard sizes. 

Ideal Placement and Location

Determine ahead of time where the dumpster should be positioned for utmost usage and convenience. This space must be away from primary traffic routes for vehicles, equipment, and personnel. Furthermore, ensure that there aren’t any items lingering on the site, such as tree branches, furniture, and power lines.


While site placement is important, accessibility is also as important. Position the dumpster strategically to boost productivity and usage on the site. This area should also be accessible to the driver delivering the dumpsters and emptying it. Other than that, the driver must have enough space to make a three-point turn at the dumpster placement area.

Choose a Safe Location

In terms of residential projects, most dumpsters are often positioned on driveways. However, keep in mind that placing your container too close to the house is not a good idea since it can be risky for homeowners and children. Rather, put your dumpster far enough from the porch or entrance — without being too far from your workers. Also, take into consideration the clearance the truck will need when your dumpster is being hauled away. 

Wear Protective Clothing for Your Safety

Steel-toe boots and hard hats and are a must on any construction project. But protective clothing is particularly essential when handling waste too. From scraps of drywall to old furniture, most of the things that go into your dumpster will surely be large and heavy. Keep in mind that falling debris and sharp objects can be extremely risky if you’re not wearing the proper gear. That’s why protective goggles, hard hats, and work gloves are necessary.

Furthermore, most dumpsters are made of steel. The exterior paint may diminish over time, revealing sharp steel edges. Remember that touching rusty surfaces can cause severe infections. By wearing proper clothing, you can protect yourself and your workers from various health risks. 

Practice Safe Operation

Although dumpsters may seem straightforward, they usually contain moving parts that demand a safe operation. Once dumpsters are delivered, ask the rental company for a brief walk-through. Understanding specific levers and hinges can help you and your workers from pinching or crushing hazards. Understand how to use the locks, doors, and latches before loading up the containers.

If something has been tossed out accidentally, carefully pull the surrounding debris with the support of a partner. Never try to walk into a dumpster all by yourself. Always have someone with you in case of an emergency.

Keep Children Away For Their Safety

An uncommon structure can trigger curiosity in children, and remember that dumpsters aren’t the best place for play. Keep children out of the container. If necessary, block the bins off with construction tape and barrier gates. Not only can debris’ sharp edges cause cuts, but tiny hands can get caught in swinging doors too. So, ensure all debris is arranged inside and that nothing is hanging out.

At Dumpster Rental Providence RI, your safety is our priority. That’s why we guarantee that all our containers are well-maintained with your protection in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask our friendly representatives for a walk-through upon delivery. Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, we’re happy to demonstrate how our dumpsters work. After all, safety is key on a construction site.