6 Tips for Cleaning out Your Basement

6 Tips for Cleaning out Your Basement

It is common for a home to have a basement which most people use as a storage space. And, just because it is somewhere underground, we usually forget to give it a good clean-out. This is where we keep our old stuff and unused possessions which may have become useless over time. Do you think it’s time to purge the unused items from your home? Well, see if you can do it yourself by reading the most common tips, and if that doesn’t work, call in reinforcements!

Tips for an Effective Cleaning Out Your Basement

With tasks like cleaning out your home or basement, there is always a way to do it easily but still 100% effective. To help you out, below is a list of the common tricks you can try in your next clean-out project.

1. Sort out your things as those that you need and don’t need.

Sort out your things

It is normal for us to be sentimental about the things we buy or inherit, and we try to keep those things preserved and stored in our basements. Yet, the important thing we forget to do is to clean it up from time to time. This will be a lot easier and faster if you start by sorting out those items that you still need and those that you don’t need anymore. You may keep those necessary items in the room while the unwanted items should be removed immediately.

2. Get rid of those you no longer need for good.

Get rid of those you no longer need for good

Do you still need the things you’ve been holding on to since high school? How about the old shoes that you haven’t used for years and are totally worn out? Whenever you can, it is best to stick with the things you need. Get rid of the other stuff to make way for more space in your basement. You may either donate them or totally dispose of them.

3. Vacuum your basement properly.

Vacuum your basement properly

Vacuuming is nothing new to any of us, and so we should include it in our task. It is the faster and more convenient way of ensuring that every piece of debris and trash on the floors and sofa has been collected. This process will also be a key step if you have a carpet in your basement.

4. Remove carpet stains.

Remove carpet stains

Having a clean and stain-free carpet can give a refreshing look to your basement. However, this step may be optional for some people who are willing to buy a good quality vacuum. Some tips on properly vacuuming your carpets are as follows:

1. Buy high-quality stain remover or carpet shampoo.

2. Apply the stain remover on the carpet and leave it for at least 20 minutes.

3. Bloch out the stain remover solution 5-10 times using a wet paper towel.

4. Place a dry towel on top of the stain and stand on it while it dries.

5. Organize and decorate your basement.

Organize and decorate your basement

After decluttering and cleaning your basement, you are now on to the exciting part of the project, which is the organization and decorating of it. Try being creative and resourceful on this to ensure that you achieve the new look you desire for your basement without all the junk this time. In organizing, you need to sort your things according to their importance to you at home. This way, finding things when you need them will be easier. As for decorating, it is now your turn to put your personal touch on the room and customize it the way you have always wanted.

6. Delight in your newly-cleaned basement.

Delight in your newly cleaned basement

Congratulations on successfully cleaning out your basement! Take time to enjoy your clean basement, and you can maintain it for longer by working through the steps you learned from this blog on a regular basis.

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