5 Tips for Recycling the Right Way

Dumpster Rental Providence RI - 5 Tips for Recycling the Right Way

Who does the recycling in your house? Many people think they know how to recycle properly at home, but the truth is it’s more than just putting plastic containers and cardboard boxes in the bin. Should you throw away everything in one bin, or do you need to sort everything out into different types of trash and put them in separate containers?

These things make the process a little more difficult. In order to be 100% sure of the right things to do in recycling, here are 5 ways to recycle at home or in your business.

1. Know what to and what not to put into the recycling bin.

You’re probably familiar with the usual kinds of trash that can be recycled, including paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. Sticking to that same list would be very helpful. Plastic bottles for water, milk, soft drinks, and some others may have markers, which can cause confusion. However, it’s important to note that such markings are most often for their resin type and the recycling symbol. Likewise, it is not recommended to use those markers as signs.

Know what to and what not to put into the recycling bin - Dumpster Rental Providence RI

Knowing what can be put inside a recycle bin is just as important as knowing what cannot. This could save your family from potential health or environmental problems. For instance, putting leftover paints or other toxic materials in the trash can create a serious problem if mixed with recyclables. Also, each and every town has its own rules and regulations regarding proper waste management and recycling so checking with your local municipality is necessary, too.

2. Clean, empty, and dry items before putting them in the bin.

Clean empty and dry items before putting them in the bin - Dumpster Rental Providence RI

Not only food items, but this tip also goes for other types of waste. Liquid wastes should not be left inside cans and bottles. Instead, it’s better to quickly clean the items before putting them in the bin to avoid ruining the recyclable papers. Composting in your garden is a great idea to use food waste, so have a separate container for them.

3. Avoid wishcycling.

You may truly not know that an item cannot be recycled, or more likely, you just wish an item could be recycled. Either way, recycling an unrecyclable is not okay. This could contaminate everything else in the bin. With the certain threshold necessary for a city to meet when they send the items to waste management and disposal companies, the mixing of recyclables with unrecyclables may cause it all to be put in a landfill. Clearly, wishcycling causes problems rather than provides a solution.

Avoid wishcycling - Dumpster Rental Providence RI

4. Beware of different plastic types

Beware of different plastic types - Dumpster Rental Providence RI

Nowadays, plastic-made products have markings that indicate their resin content. Plastics with resin codes 1 through 7 are oftentimes recyclables; however, only those with codes 1 and 2 are usually accepted by recycling centers. This is because the higher the number or code indicated, the less recyclable the items are. Likewise, plastics that can be torn, like cracker, chip, or cereal bags are not accepted.

5. Stay bag-free.

Along the lines of knowing the difference in plastics, staying plastic-free when throwing away trash is also important. Instead of putting your waste in a plastic bag, let your garbage go free inside your dumpster, which is easier to manage by expert garbage associates. Ripping those bags apart takes more time when disposing of your trash.

Stay bag-free - Dumpster Rental Providence RI

The Solution to Your Dumpster Rental Needs

The Solution to Your Dumpster Rental Needs - Dumpster Rental Providence RI

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